Language Arts Standards

 Course/Grade Level Standards         
( Course/Grade Level Standards for Language Arts / Preschool )







Preschool Language Arts
Course/Grade Level Standards





Foundational Skills

Demonstrate an understanding of print concepts. (book-handling skills, pretend to read, turn one page at a time, and display an understanding of directionality)

Recognize and discuss title, author, and illustrator. (D)

Demonstrate an understanding of print awareness. (D)

Demonstrate phonemic/phonological awareness (claps syllables in a word, letter sound connections, beginning sounds, and rhyming). (D)

Vocabulary/Structural Analysis


Identify environmental print and understand its purpose. (D)




Answer simple questions after listening to a read-aloud.

Recall the sequence of a simple story, song, or rhyme.

Retell a simple story or rhyme with a beginning, middle, and end. (D)

Experience fiction/nonfiction (make believe/real) text. (D)


Identify letters of the alphabet.

Recognize letters in the student's first name.

Literary Analysis

Identify characters and setting in a story. (D)

Writing Traits and Processes


Communicate feelings through drawings. (Voice) (D)




Preschool Language Arts
Course/Grade Level Standards



Writing Traits and Processes

Brainstorm ideas and draw a picture. (Ideas and Content) (D)

Participate in shared writing activities where pre- writing strategies and writing traits are introduced and modeled. (Organization)

Explore the use of unfamiliar words to make writing more interesting. (Word Choice) (D)

Identify the beginning of a sentence, spaces between words, and the end of a sentence through shared writing. (Conventions and Sentence Fluency) (D)



Writing Applications

Use conventions and ideas to draw a personal narrative. (Narrative)

Use conventions and ideas to create a card. (Technical

Use conventions and ideas to label a drawing that explains a person, place, or thing after reading an expository text. (Expository)

Use conventions and ideas to draw and state a complete sentence describing a personal experience. (Narrative)




Visual Literacy


Preschool Language Arts
Course/Grade Level Standards

Receptive Viewing

Use visual information to become familiar with the school environment.

Visual Communication


Use pictures to convey feelings and emotions. (D)






Preschool Language Arts
Course/Grade Level Standards

Unconditional Listening

Maintain attention during small and large group settings.

Listen to oral directions.

Interactive Listening

Follow oral directions.






Preschool Language Arts
Course/Grade Level Standards


Formal Communication

Use complete sentences to communicate.

Stay on topic when answering questions.

Speak audibly and express thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly. (D)

Informal Communication


Interact appropriately in social situations with peers and adults.