Math Standards

Course/Grade Level Standards         
( Course/Grade Level Standards for Math / Preschool )




Mathematical Processes

Preschool Math
Course/Grade Level Standards


Communicate mathematical thinking precisely and effectively.

Make connections between concepts within mathematics as well as with other content areas and everyday situations.

Use an appropriate problem-solving strategy and evaluate its effectiveness.

Develop mathematical insight through reasoning and proof.

Use multiple representations (e.g., concrete objects, pictures, technology) to model mathematical concepts.




Preschool Math
Course/Grade Level Standards



Number Sense, Number Systems, and Estimation

Count orally to ten and backwards from five.

Count objects using one-to-one correspondence through five and state that the last number spoken represents the entire set.

Recognize numerals from 0 to 5.

Use the ordinal terms of first and last to describe a set of objects.

Compare two sets of objects through five using the terms more, less, or same.

Properties, Operations, and Computation

Add two sets of objects with a sum no greater than five by counting the total.

Use a set of objects no greater than five to model subtraction and then count the total.




Preschool Math
Course/Grade Level Standards



Identify, recreate and extend simple AB patterns with objects.

Create simple AB patterns with objects. (D)




Preschool Math
Course/Grade Level Standards


Geometric Figures

Name circle, square, and triangle.

Use shapes (e.g., pattern, attribute or tangram blocks) separately or in combination to produce pictures and objects.

Geometric Relationships

Identify position of objects (e.g., up/down, over/under, top/bottom).

Assemble a puzzle to show spatial reasoning.


Measurement and Estimation

Show a 3-step sequence of events using pictures or real-life situations.

Compare two objects using various attributes (e.g., big/small, heavy/light, long/short).
Use non-standard measures to find the length of an object. (D)



Data Analysis

Preschool Math
Course/Grade Level Standards



Sort objects by one or two attributes.

Answer simple questions using a class constructed graph.